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D2R HID Bulbs, Philips D2R, Osram D2R, GE D2R, Nokya D2R, PIAA D2R

We carry a full line of High Quality D2S HID bulbs including Philips D2S, Osram D2S, Nokya D2S, GE D2S and as well as several other brands of D2S HID bulbs that are direct replacments for all factory and aftermarket D2S bulbs. Replacing your old D2S Xenon bulbs will increase light output significantly because as D2S bulbs get old they can lose as much as 75% of their light output leaving your headlights dim. Installing a new set of D2S Xenon bulbs when yours are 4 to 5 years older or older will immediately improve night time vision significantly! For brightest light output select a D2S bulb with a color of 4300K for the brightest output. Many of our customers do prefer the whiter D2S 6000K color since it is closer to the light of the sun and tends to provide the best light to see with at night.

Upgrading your D2R HID bulbs will improve nighttime vision over your current older D2R HID bulbs because HID bulbs lose brightness and dim over time. Replacing them with new Philips D2R HID bulbs or Osram D2R HID bulbs or other D2S replacement bulb brands in D2R 4300K and D2R 6000K will provide you with improved light output. We sell a big variety of D2R bulbs including the factory replacement D2R bulbs from Philips and Osram to keep you seeing well in all sorts of weather conditions.