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HID Conversion Kits (Ballast, Parts & Accessories)

HID Conversion Kits (Ballast, Parts & Accessories)
Shopping for the Best HID Kits on sale? Look no further for Quality HID Conversion Kits. We've done our research. We've purchased all the major HID kits out there and tested them. We’ve sampled different manufacturer’s HID kits, ballasts and bulbs. We have spent many months going through all the cheap and expensive kits and testing their quality and dependability. We have done all of this, so you don’t have to.

The result: We believe we have found the best manufacturer to make our kits and provide us with the best and most dependable HID ballasts and bulbs on the market. With a one year warranty on ballasts and bulbs we are sure you will be pleased with these new HID Conversion Kits.

A Japanese Domestic Market Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) builds our HID Conversion Kits. Yes, they make the HID parts for Japanese cars like Lexus, Infiniti and Acura.

As an introductory offer, we will be selling our HID Conversion Kits for a limited time at a special low price. See the applications below for the sale prices of the kits.

Not sure what fits your car, truck or SUV? Email us at Sales@HighPerformanceBulbs.com and tell us your vehicle's make, model and year and we will email you back quickly with all the information you need!

Specials on the Best HID Kits