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H1 Bulbs

H1 Halogen bulbs are a direct replacement for vehicles that use H1 halogen bulbs from the factory or for aftermarket headlights or fog lights that use H1 halogen bulbs. Factory wattage for H1 halogen bulbs is 55 watts, we have several versions that are also higher wattage with increased output for better vision like our CEC H1 bulbs, Nokya Stage 2 Cosmic White H1 and Nokya Stage 2 Arctic White H1. We also have the PIAA Xtreme White Plus H1 bulbs and PIAA Night Tech H1 bulbs that are DOT approved bulbs that have a higher light output and produces whiter light then the stock factory H1 bulbs improving night time vision. We also have several yellow H1 bulbs that have a brilliant yellow light output for improved foul weather driving or improved contrast in good weather, they will also give your vehicle a unique look on the road with the brilliant yellow light output.

Nokya Stage 2 Arctic White H1 NOK7217, Nokya Stage 1 Arctic White H1 NOK7417, Nokya Stage 1 Hyper Yellow H1 NOK7617, Nokya Cosmic White H1 NOK8017, Piaa Xtreme White Plus H1 11655, PIAA Night Tech H1 10701, PIAA Plasma Ion Crystal Yellow H1 13501, CEC 130 watt H1, CEC 100 Watt H1,