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Splice on HID ballast connector wire

Splice on HID ballast connector wire
Item# HID-Ballast-Connector

Product Description

Splice on HID ballast connector wire

This is and aftermarket ballast connection wire with a connector that plugs into aftermarket HID ballasts and allows you to splice the other end onto a vehicles factory headlight wiring.

This allows you to wire up an aftermarket HID ballast to replace a defective factory HID ballast for vehicles with factory HID headlights.

This is a 2 wire harness with a ballast connector on one end and bare ends on the other to splice to the factory positive and negative headlight wires.

Sold as a single harness.

Wires can be soldered or used with butt connectors or slide connectors

14 gauge wire

Harness is 12 inches long to provide enough length to work with easily.