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PIAA Night Tech 9006 (HB4) Twin Pack Part # 10726

PIAA Night Tech 9006 (HB4) Twin Pack Part # 10726
PIAA Night Tech 9006 (HB4) Twin Pack Part # 10726
Item# PIAA-10726
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Product Description

PIAA Night Tech 9006 (HB4) Twin Pack Part # 10726
PIAA Night Tech 9006 (HB4) Twin Pack Part # 10726

Innovations in chemistry and materials allow PIAA’s new line of Night Tech 9006 bulbs to achieve new levels of halogen lighting. The result is an exciting new family of bulbs that offer up to 90% more light, whiter/brighter illumination, and up to 100 feet more range than conventional bulbs, all while offering longer life.

The magic is in the chemistry. PIAA Night Tech 9006 bulbs use an innovative new blend of gases with a higher proportion of inert gases, coupled with a new and exclusive filament material. These new materials in the PIAA Night Tech 9006 bulbs are incorporated into the Night-Tech bulb using proprietary manufacturing processes and quality control testing and validation. In addition, illumination is enhanced through the use of unique dual band coatings engineered to optimize the output generated by the new materials.

The result is a family of PIAA Night Tech bulbs that offer more light, better light, greater range, and longer life than standard halogen bulbs, all with DOT and SAE compliance.

PIAA has been making high quality lighting since the 1960's and are the best at making bright efficient lighting to improve nighttime vision and awareness. PIAA is always on the cutting edge with its technology and engineering so their products deliver.

Plug and Play harnesses protect your vehicles factory headlight connector from heat produced by higher wattage bulbs. The 6 inch plug and play harness installs between your factory headlight connector and the bulb and has larger gauge wire and heat resistant connectors to protect your factory headlight connector from degrading from any excess heat over time. Easy to install and high quality means years of trouble free use!

•Longest life of any high performance bulb

•Up to 90% more light than conventional Halogen bulbs

•Longer range

•Excellent value

•DOT/SAE Compliant

Application 9006

PIAA Part # 11726

Wattage 12V 51 watt = 95 watt XTRA

Kelvin 3600K

PIAA Night Tech 9006 (HB4) Twin Pack Part # 10726