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Nokya D3S 6000K HID bulbs (2 bulbs)

Nokya D3S 6000K HID bulbs (2 bulbs)
Nokya D3S 6000K HID bulbs (2 bulbs)
Item# Nokya-NOK9950
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Product Description

Nokya D3S 6000K HID bulbs (2 bulbs)

Popular in Japan for many years and now availible in the USA Nokya D3S 6000K HID bulbs are a great upgrade for those looking for D3S bulbs in the popular 6000K color. Manufactured by the very popular Nokya, these high quality D3S HID bulbs will get you that popular 6000K headlight color at a reasonable price. We only sell the Nokya D3S brand because the mercury free design of the D3S HID bulb is very difficult to master and most other brands cannot live up to constant use. Nokya's D3S HID bulbs will last longer and are brighter then other aftermarket D3S bulbs and will provide trouble free use for years to come.

Application: D3S, direct factory replacement for all D3S HID bulbs

Light Output Color: 6000K (brilliant white)

Wattage: 35 watts

Manufactured in Korea by Nokya