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HPX High Power 1156 (7506) LED bulb (single bulb)

HPX High Power 1156 (7506) LED bulb (single bulb)
HPX High Power 1156 (7506) LED bulb (single bulb)
Item# 1156HPLED
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Product Description

HPX High Power 1156 (7506) LED bulb (single bulb)

This is the newest in the evolution of the LED bulb, with four 1.5 watt emitters this high power LED bulb puts out more light then standard incandescent 1156 and 7506 bulbs and use 66% less power! With it's clean crisp on and off function these 1156 (7506) LED bulbs will give your turn signals a new look. The amber version are all silver giving your clear turn signal housings a clean look without that yellow looking bulb being inside the housing. The white version (6000K) with it brilliant white and super bright output will make sure you are seen!

Since these LED bulbs use less power then the factory bulb they may cause a hyper flash (quicker then normal) turn signal flash or bulb out indicatiors on the dashboard if your car is equipped. To solve this issue you may need a set of our Hyper Flash Correcting Resistors availible in our License Plate, Sidemarker, Blinker bulb section at the bottom of the page.

Applications: 1156, 7506

Sold as a single bulb.