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160W H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes

NEW!!! HPB 160 Watt (V2) H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes
NEW!!! HPB 160 Watt (V2) H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes
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Product Description

NEW!!! HPB 160 Watt (V2) H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes
160W H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes

We went beyond all others with this new 160W H8 LED Angel Eyes design. We incorporated the newest and brightest LEDs with new LED drivers, a new heat sink design with more cooling provided by a high power micro fan, and an alloy that dissipates heat more quickly then the standard aluminum to make a great new product. This new heatsink and fan design allowed us to push more current with the new LED drivers to the LEDs producing more light output then ever before. In this new H8 LED Angel Eyes design airflow was examined to determine how to keep the heat to an absolute minimum, therefore extending the LED life and allowing more power to be provided to each LED pushing the limits of output. Air is even channeled up inside the heat sink and then blown across the actual LEDs themselves further cooling them. No standard heat sink can cool like this, so much so, that these LED angel eyes barely even get hot. The cooling efficiency is amazing, and this translates to better output and long life.

This new 160W H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes design also keeps the bulb compact, so they more easily fit inside the housing, making install easier then bulky large heat sinked designs. The LEDs are placed closer together in this new H8 LED Angel Eyes design, maximizing light input into the angel eyes light pick ups. This close proximity of the LEDs increases the intensity of the light that enters the angle eyes rings thus further increasing output.

The offset angles of the LED placement on these new H8 LED Angel Eyes ensures exact placement of the LEDs in line with the Angel Eyes light pick ups inside the headlight making sure as much light as possible enters the Angel Eyes rings.

The 160W H8 LED Angel Eyes bulbs have a polished finish to provide high reflectivity and increases the light output unlike black or other dark finished designs which absorb light.

The new LEDs used in these H8 LED Angel Eyes have the brightest output yet for their size. Compact yet super bright.

The 160W H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes have the power modules and error correcting modules separate from the H8 BMW LED Angle Eyes bulbs to improve heat dissipation from both the LED bulbs and the power and error correcting modules, increasing life and performance. These BMW H8 LED Angel Eyes modules won’t trip dashboard error lights or cause any radio interference.


Color: White 6000K

High Power LEDs on each bulb with offset angles increase the bright 6000K white light output from the angel eyes rings. Separate power module and error correcting module design to further cooling and provide longevity.

The Polished metal design increases reflected light further increasing output

Canbus compatible, these upgrades will not trip dashboard error lights.


BMW 1 Series (E82) (including 1M) 2007 - 2012

BMW 3 Series Coupe (E92) 2007 - 2010

BMW 3 Series Sedan/wagon (E90) (with HID Xenon option only) 2009 - 2012

BMW M3 Coupe Convertible and Sedan 2006 and up

BMW 5 Series LCI (E60 LCI) 2008 - 2010 with Xenon headlights only

BMW 6 Series 2008 - 2010(includes M6)

BMW 7 Series 2009 - 2011 with Xenon headlights

BMW X1 (E84) with Xenon Headlights 2010 - 2012

BMW X5 (E70) with Xenon Headlights 2007 - 2011

BMW X6 (E71) 2008 - 2011

BMW X5M and X6M 2008 - 2012

Z4 (E89) 2009 - 2012

160 watt H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes

160 watt H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes

160 watt H8 BMW LED Angel Eyes