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Consumer Warning regarding bulbs labeled "Made in Japan" and "Japan Import"

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Consumer warning regarding “Japan import” and “Made in Japan” HID bulbs

There is a disturbing trend of internet stores advertising D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D4S, and D4R bulbs as “Made in Japan” or “Imported from Japan”. These bulbs are selling for anywhere from $30.00 to around $100.00 per set. These bulbs are with rare exceptions NOT MADE IN JAPAN. There are very few Japanese made HID bulbs. The few companies that do make them include PIAA and Polarg and they sell for nearly $200 to $400 per set. Most of these “Made in Japan” bulbs are selling for the same prices as the economy brands which are mostly Chinese made bulbs which are the cheapest you can get. You can’t even get the less expensive Japanese made halogen bulbs that cheap. Now why is that? Ask yourself one question before you make a purchase from one of these companies: Why do Japanese car makers like Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota all use Philips and Sylvania HID bulbs which are made in Germany and the United States when it would be less expensive to use Japanese HID bulbs?

We are receiving many customer complaints about their dealings with these companies and how the bulbs are failing shortly after purchase and when they try to contact the companies either no one ever answers the phones, voicemails or emails or the companies try to blame the customers for the bulb failures when they try to get a warranty replacement.

We sell several brands of bulbs which are made in Japan, Germany, Korea, and China. Each of the brands comes from very reputable manufactures and we stand behind every brand we sell, you can always contact us via email and we are available during business hours via phone. Don’t be taken in by these deceptive sellers. Japanese made products are expensive for several reasons. The first is their exceptional quality, that doesn’t come cheap in Japan. Second, Japan imports most of its raw materials, this is an added expense. Third the monetary exchange rate is not in favor of the US dollar, so even the less expensive items in Japan are more expensive here in the US. Importing goods from Japan is also expensive; it is not cheap to have items shipped over 5000 miles to the United States. So if your paying the same amount for a “Japan Import” as you would for the least expensive HID bulb you can get, you are most likely not getting what think you are paying for.