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BMW 40W LED H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade

BMW 40W  LED H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade
BMW 40W LED H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade
Item# bmw-h8-angel-eyes-40w-bmw-1-3-5-7-serie-x5-x6
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Product Description

BMW 40W  LED H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade
BMW 40W LED H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade

<----Click the picture for a close up of installed set! (please note the angel eyes do not light up the center of the inner ring, this look is due to the high output of the angel eyes overpowering the cameras ability to see the darker center of the light.

The newest design in our ever improving H8 LED Angel Eyes line, the 40W high output LED Angel Eyes are even brighter then our previous versions, improving overall light output as well as even light distribution between the outer and inner Angel Eyes rings. Using larger and higher output LEDs, light output has been increase by over 30% over the previous design, with wider angle and brighter output LEDs they increase brightness and even light output between the rings. The heat sinks have been improved promoting even longer life as well as the LED power being adjusted and made more efficient to produce more light output and improved outer ring output. The error correcting modules have been improved for better error correcting qualities and for a smaller more compact design of both the error correcting modules as well as the LED control modules to allow easier fitment in tight spaces.

Using 4 new wide angle High Power LEDs on each BMW H8 Angel Eyes bulb aimed directly at the light pickups, these direct replacement high output H8 LED Angel Eyes upgrade modules are whiter then stock and will match the color of the BMW HID lights giving your BMW a unique and modern look!

The modules feature high quality design with an improved and larger heat dissipating aluminum body then previous versions. The power module and error correcting modules are separate from the LED modules to improve heat dissipation from both the LEDs and power and error correcting modules, increasing life and performance. These BMW LED Angel Eyes modules won’t trip dashboard error lights or cause any radio interference.

Color: White 6000K

Four High Power LEDs on each bulb with offset angles increase bright 6000K white light output. Separate power module and error correcting module design.


BMW 1 Series (E82) (including 1M) 2007 - 2012

BMW 3 Series Coupe (E92) 2007 - 2010

BMW 3 Series Sedan/wagen (E90) (with HID Xenon option only) 2009 - 2012

BMW M3 Coupe Convertible and Sedan 2006 and up

BMW 5 Series LCI (E60 LCI) 2008 - 2010 (with HID Xenon option only)

BMW 6 Series 2008 - 2010(includes M6)

BMW X1 (E84) with Xenon Headlights 2010 - 2012

BMW X5 (E70) with Xenon Headlights 2007 - 2011

BMW X6 (E71) 2008 - 2011

BMW X5M and X6M 2008 - 2012

Z4 (E89) 2009 - 2012

Canbus compatible, these upgrades will not trip dashboard error lights.

BMW 40W LED H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade