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9004 HID Bi-Xenon HID Kit Part # HID9004BI

9004 HID Bi-Xenon HID Kit Part # HID9004BI
9004 HID Bi-Xenon HID Kit Part # HID9004BI
Item# HID9004BI
Regular price: $119.99
Sale price: $89.99
Select HID Bulb Color:  Upgrade to Ultra Slim Digital Ballast:  Add Canbus Ballasts (error correcting) for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Dodge and Jeep 2008+ or other cars with Burned Out Bulb Indicators: 

Product Description

9004 HID Bi-Xenon HID Kit Part # HID9004BI
9004 HID Bi-Xenon HID Kit

The 9004 Bi-Xenon HID Kit uses a magnetic telescoping HID bulb to adjust between low and high beam when you switch them.

Check out our Ultra Slim Ballast Upgrade for $25.00! You can see pictures of the ballasts in the HID Accessories section!

Look for our Dual Beam Kits (High and Low Beam) to retain both your high and low beams when replacing dual filament bulbs like H4(9003/HB2), H13(9008), 9004 and 9007. (Although you probably won't need your high beams anymore!)

Upgrade your car's headlights and fog lights to the ultimate in lighting technology! High Intensity Discharge lighting is found in all the newest high end cars, trucks and SUVs! Now you can have that same technology. HID is up to 4 times brighter then standard halogen bulbs and even aftermarket halogen bulbs. HID bulbs also do not have fragile filaments that can break or burn out! HID bulbs last for many years and rarely need replacing. No more burnt out bulbs! HIDís also use less power then standard and aftermarket Halogen bulbs drawing only 35 watts of power while providing on average 300% more light. No more melted or heat damaged harnesses from using high wattage halogen bulbs to get extra light!

Kit includes the following:

2 waterproof and shock resistant Digital HID Ballasts

2 HID Bi-Xenon Telescoping Bulbs that are made from the best laser cut glass, are aligned with extreme accuracy and do not emit any ultra violet light that can damage the headlight housings or lenses.- Color choices are 3000K, 4300K, 6000K, 10,000K, 15,000K, 30,000K and Purple

1 Bi-Xenon HID harness

2 mounting brackets and hardware


1 year warranty on ballasts and 1 year warranty on bulbs*

*(Warranty does not cover physically damaged or broken bulbs or physically damaged ballasts and wiring).

These kits are ISO9001 and CE certified for quality and safety.