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3157 80 Watt Super High Output LED bulbs

3157 80 Watt Super High Output LED bulbs
3157 80 Watt Super High Output LED bulbs
Item# 3157-80-watt-high-output-led-bulbs
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Product Description

3157 80 Watt Super High Output LED bulbs

Our 3157 80W LED bulbs are the brightest 3157 bulb on the market today with more them 4 times the output of a standard incandescent 3157 bulb! If you are looking to make your tail and brake lights much brighter these are the solution for you! Our 3157 80 Watt LED bulbs are made using some of CREE's newest and brightest LEDs. Each bulb has 16 five watt LEDs to produce an amazingly bright output without using excessive power or producing a lot of heat like standard style 3157 bulbs. The 3157 80 watt LED bulbs have highly focused LEDs and a polished body that helps reflect light back onto the reflectors to produce a very significant increase in light output and fills the reflectors with light unlike many other 3157 LED versions that produce a spotty reflected light. These 3157 80 watt LEDs are a great upgrade for lights with poor quality reflectors, smoke colored or tinted tail lights or for any housing you want to have more light output.

Be sure to use the same color 3157 LED bulbs as your housing for brightest light output, Select 3157 LEDs in Amber for use in Amber housings, 3157 LED in Red for use in red housings. Only use 3157 White LEDs if you have clear housings. Any color can also be used in clear housings to get the desired color output you want.


Sold in pairs (2 LED bulbs)

Colors: 6000K white, Red, Amber

Lumen output: 1200 Lumen (unfocused, non center point total output)

1 year warranty

3157 80 Watt Super High Output LED bulbs