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LED Switchback Turnsignal Bulbs 6000K White/Amber

LED Switchback Turnsignal Bulbs 6000K White/Amber
Item# 1157-3157-7443-led-switchbacks-turn-signal-led-bulbs
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Product Description

HPB Superbright LED Switchbacks with 60 CREE brand dual color LEDs. White 6000K parking/running light, with amber turn signal. When you turn on your parking lights and/or headlights these will come on and put out a bright 6000K light. When you activate your turn signal the 6000K white light turns off and the amber turn signal will then flash. When the turn signal is turned off, the light will then go back to the 6000K white light. With 60 dual color LEDs these 1157 / 3157 / 7443 LED switchbacks are very bright and have a clean on/off flash with crisp white/amber switching with no color overlap. Most LED switchbacks have only half as many, single color LEDs which are typically not nearly as bright. These 1157 / 3157 / 7443 LED switchbacks are the brightest currently on the market and are made with high quality Cree brand dual color 6000K white / amber LEDs for super bright light output and long life.

LED Switchbacks available in 3 versions 1157 3157 and 7443

Clear turn signal housings required for proper light output color, will not display proper color in amber or red housings.

HPB LED switchback Features:

60 super bright dual color 6000K White/Amber Cree brand LEDs

High quality internal switching circuitry

Direct replacement for factory bulbs (resistors may be required for eliminating hyper flash/bulb out indicators in some vehicles due to the extremely low current draw of LED bulbs)

These LED switchbacks will not function correctly and display white in DRL mode in some GM vehicles that use the turn signals as daytime running lights (DRLs) since they use the turn signal filaments as DRLs. However they will function correctly when the headlights/parking lights are turned on.

Most vehicles will require the use of the optional Hyper Flash Eliminating Resistors for the LED Switch Back to not hyper flash. The hyper flash (fast flashing turn signals) is caused by thermal flasher modules used in many vehicles since LED Switchbacks do not use enough power for the flasher to heat up and cycle on and off at the normal speed, resulting in the hyper flash. The resistors clip on the wires going to the turn signal bulb connector with the easy to install clip on wire taps included with the resistors. Instructions for installation of the resistors are included.

1157 3157 7443 LED Switchback Turn Signal Bulbs

1157 3157 7443 LED Switchback Turn Signal Bulbs